How to travel with contact lenses

2024-04-07 6:25 p.m.
Woman in an airport

Planning to travel with contact lenses? We've got you covered. We discuss various things you need to keep in mind when you are about to travel with contacts.

Before you leave

Make sure you carry enough contact lenses for your trip. Better to have a few extra pairs in case you lose some or end up stranded at your destination. Check this a couple of weeks before you depart to allow time to order more lenses just in case you may not have enough for the trip.

When you are leaving

A good tip is to pack your contact lenses in your cabin baggage along with your eyeglasses. That way, you are able to see, even if you lose your checked-in luggage.

Contact Lenses at Security Check

Some people may wonder whether they can take contact lenses through an airport security check. The answer is - you certainly can. And although there is a small amount of liquid in each lens, you do not need to put them in a liquid bag. You can simply leave them in your bag.

Dry eyes in the aircraft

If you are flying for a long time, it may be beneficial to take your contact lenses out just before you board the plane, or while on the plane. The reason for this is that many people experience dry eyes on flights. It's a bit more comfortable with glasses. If you prefer to wear lenses, consider bringing some eye drops to add some extra moisture to your eyes and prevent dry eyes.

Can I buy contact lenses abroad?

If you run out of contact lenses on your trip, do not despair. You can almost certainly buy your contact lenses abroad. Look up the nearest optician and bring your contact lens box with you, so they can see the brand you use. You are highly likely to be able to buy a new pair in the correct strength.


There is no need to worry when it comes to contact lenses and travel. If you follow the tips we have given here, you cannot go wrong.


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