Krys and the Tour de France

2024-06-29 5:06 p.m.
Krys sponsorship at Tour de France

Krys, a well-known optical retailer in France, is a familiar name to fans of the Tour de France. But what is Krys, and how are they connected to this iconic cycling event?

What is Krys?

Krys is a leading French chain of optical stores, offering eyewear, contact lenses, and optician services. Founded in 1967, the company has grown to become one of the most recognized optical brands in France, with numerous locations across the country.

Krys and the Tour de France

Since 2014, Krys has been a prominent sponsor of the Tour de France, specifically associated with the white jersey. This jersey, known as the 'maillot blanc,' is awarded to the best young rider under the age of 26.

The partnership between Krys and the Tour de France enhances the visibility of both the brand and the sport. For Krys, it's an opportunity to showcase their support for health and sports, while reaching a broad audience through one of the world's most famous cycling competitions.

The Impact of Sponsorship

Sponsorship in the Tour de France offers brands like Krys significant exposure. The race attracts millions of viewers worldwide, providing a platform for Krys to connect with a global audience.


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