Clariti Toric Discontinued by CooperVision

2024-04-29 4:23 p.m.
Clariti Toric Contact Lens Box

CooperVision has officially announced the discontinuation of Clariti Toric contact lenses, effective April 30, 2024. The decision was made to allocate more resources towards enhancing their Clariti 1 Day Toric lenses.

Clariti Toric Alternatives

For those currently using Clariti Toric, several other monthly alternatives that offer similar comfort and vision quality are available, including:

To see the whole range of contact lenses offered by the manufacturer, check CooperVision contact lenses.

Why was Clariti Toric Discontinued?

CooperVision decided to discontinue Clariti Toric to focus their efforts and investments on the Clariti 1 Day Toric contact lenses. The move is aimed at improving their daily disposable lens offerings.


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