What is Lenspricer?

Lenspricer is a price comparison site for contact lenses. Here you can compare prices on your contact lenses and find them at the best price online, allowing you to save a lot of money on your contact lenses.

Our own research shows that you can typically save 40% to 80% by purchasing your contact lenses online from the cheapest place, compared to traditional optician chains.

How does Lenspricer work?

Lenspricer's price robot updates prices on all contact lenses several times a day, ensuring you always get your contact lenses at the best price. Lenspricer converts the price of packages to a monthly cost, making it easy to compare prices across packages with different quantities of contact lenses, ensuring you get the best price.

How does Lenspricer make money?

Lenspricer has partnerships with some of the stores that sell contact lenses. This means that Lenspricer earns money by referring customers to the stores.

Who is behind Lenspricer?

Lenspricer was started in 2023 by Rasmus Adeltoft. He himself had discovered that he could save a lot of money by purchasing contact lenses online, but lacked a good tool to compare all prices at once and get a quick overview. He wanted to share this with other contact lens users, and therefore Lenspricer was started.